European Association of Software Engineering

Brand equity
EASE is an IT community with more than 11,000 representatives worldwide.
Theirmain goal is to implement large-scale educational projects in softwaredevelopment, UI/UX design, hardware, robotics, space robotics, IP telephony,cloud services, EdTech, IT law, and cyber security.
  • Lack of united IT community of the country and communication between the stateand the IT sector of the country. The insufficient motivation of the modern ITcommunity of Ukraine.
We are conducting networking events.Technological events have a certainspecificity and style. Therefore, the further development of EASE educationalprograms depended on the organization of the conference "Promotion of the ITbrand in Ukraine."
We determined the main tasks: the creation of a general concept, preparation andfull support of the event, and provision of technical equipment and decorations. We used blue in the visual identity and printed advertising products (invitations,conference program) which associated with technology and stimulated the brain. Our team quickly adjusted the timing and responsibly approached the logistics: wemet, accommodated, and prepared leisure for all conference participants.
The most responsible task at the IT event is technical support. All multimediadevices worked harmoniously, and the presentations replaced each other in time,creating a real movie about the industry.
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