Protection Top Leaders

Brand equity
We developed a logo concept, corporate style, and fonts, along with distinct brandidentities for the bar association. The competition in this industry is fierce, andstanding out is crucial. The company's values and key advantages are reflectedthrough the visual representation of the brand.
  • There is a lack of clarity on the direction to take, and disagreements are arisingover how to visually present the company's packaging.
The concept for the logo was developed. A shield was selected as the foundationof the logo, representing protection and complementing the font.The shield is divided into four sections representing the lawyer association, and theupper right section is stylized to look like the number 1, representing marketleadership.
The protective field around the logo ensures clear perception, and itssize matches the height/width of the upper right section of the shield.
Our signature colors are red, white, gray, and black, all linked with confidence andstyle. The strict logo, its sections, and colors make up the identity.By breaking the logo into four parts, any design can be created and placed onbranded products, emphasizing the logo as the core of the brand.
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