Protection Toronto

Brand equity
A car tuning company sought the design services of OBRANI CREW to enhanceits branding.
They aimed to differentiate themselves from competitors by creating a uniquecorporate style, logo, selecting corporate colors and establish a brand book formarketing initiatives.
  • PROTECTION's brand is tailored to affluent individuals with refined tastes,making its visual identity a critical component. Our customers have expressed thatour previous logo appeared outdated and lacked impact, driving our need for arefreshed and contemporary design.
Our team started working on market research for car styling and analyzed theircompetitors' designs. They chose red, white, and black as their corporate colors, asthey signify trust and style.
The letter "P" was stylized as a triangle, symbolizing speed and dynamism, and itbecame the main corporate element. The brand logo was designed with aminimalist approach, utilizing three-dimensional and easy-to-read fonts to depictthe company's professionalism and transparency.The design was then organized into a sophisticated and presentable brand book.
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