Brand equity
Watsons, a health and beauty store chain in Hong Kong, has established strongbrand equity by offering a diverse assortment of both local and internationalbrands.
They pride themselves on effectively communicating with their customersthrough various channels, both online and offline, to enhance their brandexperience. Watsons' commitment to providing quality products and excellentcustomer service contributes to their strong brand equity, making them a trusteddestination for health and beauty needs.
  • To enhance brand loyalty, it is necessary to establish a loyal community.
  • We have encountered limited growth in new audience members and a noteworthyincrease in unsubscribers.
  • We must explore innovative ways to engage and communicate with our audienceon the platform
Watsons sought our expertise in providing a comprehensive social mediamarketing service.First, we analyzed the market and developed a detailed strategy that included theconcepts of visual identity, brand tone, rubric, and content plan.
We use omnichannel marketing and influence the brand's audience in variouscommunication channels, thereby increasing the loyal audience and constantlybeing in the target audience. All this affects sales growth and brand awareness.By utilizing powerful tools, we successfully increased the engagement rate on ourYouTube channel and gained over 1000 new subscribers in a relatively briefperiod.
Also, following the re-launch of our TikTok account, we witnessed an impressivesurge of over 1.1 million views and over 50,000 new followers in the very firstmonth.
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