We are 10 years!

Brand equity
A large and well-known company (let's call it "X") has achieved maximum resultsin it’s field.
For ten years employees devoted themselves entirely to their work. And when, ifnot on the anniversary, to celebrate everyone's contribution?
  • The all-Ukrainian company, which has more than 500 employees throughoutUkraine, who have not known each other for two years; as a result, there is a lackof large-scale corporate culture.
To organize a two-day conference with a gala party. Many people provide varioustypes of leisure: in addition to the main stage, we have created photo zones withauthentic entertainment and prizes.
Music is fantastic, but without customized communication, the event will quicklybecome boring. Our idea worked, and dozens of colleagues who saw each otheronly on ZOOM could enjoy in-person communication.The main action took place on stage. Our team took care of high-quality sound andlight, so the show became a memorable moment in the life of the entire company.
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